Do you deliver?

Yes we deliver Australia wide. We can also arrange shipping to overseas locations. Please enquire as delivery costs vary.

Can I have an alternative fabric on my cushions?

Yes you can. Many of our items now come with a standard cushion included. If you would like to replace these with an alternative or have an extra set of covers made, there is a standard price for a set collection of 100% cotton door fabrics and 100% acrylic for outdoors. We also have a large range of alternative fabrics on display in our showrooms and you may choose from these and we will quote for your cushions according to the fabric chosen. Customers may also supply their own fabric and we will charge a foam and make-up fee.

Will the brass feet tarnish?

Yes they will tarnish over time. This is a natural process and most people leave them to do so. However, if you would rather clean them, then simply use a brass cleaning product and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Will the loom in clear finish colour or fade?

Yes, over time it will fade, as the loom furniture is made from kraft paper wrapped around steel wire. We recommend that if your furniture is going to be in direct sunlight, such as a sunroom (and definitely for outdoors) that you use a paint colour instead of the clear finish. We have developed a natural loom paint colour that matches very well to the paper colour and can be used as an alternative to the clear finish.

Do I have to oil my teak furniture?

No, oiling is purely for aesthetic purposes. Teak wood has a naturally high oil content and over time will become a silvery grey colour. If you do wish to oil it, we recommend Sadolin Teak Oil by Sikkens. For preparation and oiling instructions, please visit the Cotswold Teak product care page on this website.

Can I get replacement parts for my furniture?

Yes, we are very happy to help if you require any replacement parts for your furniture such as plastic studs for under the loom chairs. For any larger repairs, please ring 1800 677 047.

Do I have to buy the furniture as a set?

No, our furniture is all sold individually and this allows you to add to your collection piece by piece and over time if you prefer. We can help you by suggesting items we would style together, but the choice is yours.

I am from the press industry, can we borrow furniture for a photoshoot?

Yes, we are happy to loan out available stock for photoshoots. A fee may apply and any special requirements such as spraying an item to a particular colour requires advance notice and will be charged according to our respray service. Please contact us for more information.

Is your furniture suitable for commercial use?

Many of our products can be found in commercial settings around the world. Please check the usage icon on each product page (click on features) or contact us to discuss. We can help you to identify the most appropriate products for your space based on many years of experience and we will not hesitate to be honest if we feel a product is not suited to your particular requirements.

I live by the sea, will your products be suitable?

As you know, Australia's harsh climate can play havoc with even the most durable materials. We do not recommend using our steel products very close to the ocean as rust will certainly occur in time. We have many alternatives from Vincent's Garden and of course our teak is perfectly suited to any marine environment.